Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Restaurant Review: Snow & Crab Lounge

For the last several months I have been driving by Snow & Crab on my way home from transporting my daughter to and from school. Every time I see the "Cajun" and "Shaved Ice" on the outside of the building, I can't help but wonder what is inside this little establishment tucked inside one of Temecula's  many strip-malls. Well, curiosity finally got the best of me and this past weekend, with the family in tow, I finally walked through the doors of Snow & Crab Lounge. My initial impression was that of confusion, "Ok, so now that I am in here, how does this work?". There are a few tables situated in front of a long bar are and a peek a boo window where you can see the cook busily working. Up above is a virtual menu displaying what Snow & Crab has to offer, which apparently is some Cajun, some Asian, boba tea beverages and snow shaved ice creations. We stood around the front door for a few seconds unsure whether we were supposed to order at the counter or take a seat. After a brief moment of looking like complete newbies the only waiter in the entire restaurant sat us down and gave us some menus. I would like to add here that despite their only being one server and several tables full of diners, service was great. Our waiter, I wish I could remember his name, was extremely friendly and helpful and explained to us the concept behind Snow & Crab.

Their food menu consists of appetizers, sides and main dish's that are a combination of Cajun favorites, popular Asian snacks and side dishes and a few items fused together. Like the Cajun Fried Rice which sounded amazing even though we didn't order it this time around. Instead we opted to choose from the seafood selection. You purchase your choice of seafood from clams to king crab by the pound, chose your desired sauce Cajun, Scampi or Lemon Pepper and your level of heat from mild to extra, and then top if off with some sausage, corn on the cob or potatoes if you desire. Your creation is steamed tossed together in a plastic bag and then delivered to your table along with some bibs and tools. You empty out your contents onto your paper clothed table and start getting your hands dirty. *Tip* ( Be sure to pull a few paper towels from the ream of paper provided, prior to getting your grub on, this is some messy eating!)

Chris and I decided to order a pound of Jumbo Shrimp, 2 Lobster tails, some sausage and 2 Corn on the cobs, Cajun style and extra spicy of course. Can I just saw it was freaking amazing! Whatever spicy, saucy, concoction they pour over the seafood I need it bottled.

Penelope had a pound of Snow Crab legs and some corn on the cob in a Scampi sauce. It was buttery, garlic-y and also very good.

*This is where you get up and wash your hands because they will be beyond messy, and whatever misgivings you have about wearing a bib, just do it!*

This place totally went beyond my expectations and we will definitely be coming  back. I did join their rewards program after all, and I already have a free bowl of clam chowder and a free snow ice creation for my next visit. Did I mention they also have Beignets?

Snow & Crab Lounge
32965 Temecula Parkway Suite 100
Temecula, CA 92592

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