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Monday, December 7, 2020

Crockpot Carnitas


This is an easy crockpot recipe for carnitas to make some yummy tacos. We always have enough leftover for nachos or quesadillas the next day. 

Crockpot Carnitas

1 5lb Pork shoulder, you can also use pork butt 
5 Cloves of garlic, minced
2 Limes, juiced
1/2 cup of Orange juice
12 oz. can of Beer, whatever you have on hand
1 tbs. Salt
1 tsp. Pepper
1 tsp. Cumin
1 tsp. Chili powder
1 tsp. Oregano

Season the pork with the dry seasonings. Place in crockpot. Add the garlic, juices and beer. Cook on low for 8 hours. When ready, shred meat and then dry with some lard in a pan till the meat becomes a little crispy. Serve with tortillas, preferably corn if you have them, and homemade guacamole

Thursday, November 19, 2020

PigWizard PorkCorn Review

 Who likes pork rinds? I do! Who likes PorkCorn? Me! What is PorkCorn you ask? PorkCorn is like caramel popcorn but air-fried and made with pork rinds instead. What?! No really, PigWizard, a sandwich shop in Monterey California makes these tasty creations, and now you can order them online. 

I was sent two bags for review, Sweet Heat Caramel PorkCorn and Beer Bacon Caramel PorkCorn, but they also have a Thai Tea flavor that sounds really interesting. Let me tell you, I wasn't sure what to expect when I got these, but they are really good. They really do remind you of caramel corn but with a pork-y flavor to them. They are crunchy, flavorful and addictive. The Sweet Heat have a sweet orange flavored caramel taste at first that finishes with a heat from crushed red chilis. Not too spicy, but an explosion of flavor. It's kinda hard to explain you just gotta try them for yourself. Unfortunatly, Chris got his hands on the Beer Bacon ones and devoured them before I even got a chance to try one. He said they were delicious and wants me to order more. I hear they are also working on 2 more flavors for the holidays Mocha and Maple Ginger!

I was also going over the PigWizard restaurant menu they sent along with my PorkCorn and now want to make the drive to Monterey. This place looks good! They have a variety of homemade sausages and sandwiches that sound amazing. Like the Porchetta Sandwich with pork loin and pork belly that has been stuffed with fresh rosemary and garlic and roasted until crisp. The sandwich is served hot with lettuce tomato, red onion, chimichurri and lemon garlic aioli. All on a toasted ciabatta roll. Yum! How about the Manchego Artichoke Chicken Sausage made with chicken, Spanish Manchego cheese, Castroville artichokes, thyme, garlic, white pepper and chardonnay. This you can also make into a sandwich with your choice of "vessel", "slop", and fresh toppings. 

If you are in driving distance of Monterey, CA stop by and let me know how it is. If you are not you can always order some PorkCorn to be shipped to your home here. PigWizard is located at 32 Cannery Row Suite G Monterey, CA 93940 Be sure to check them out on Instagram @pigwizardporknmore 

The featured product{s} in this post were provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or PR company representing them. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by  anyone.

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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Restaurant Review: Perch

 Here is an overdue post for Perch in Los Angeles. It's been over a year since we dined there but the place is very memorable. I had one of the best meals at Perch and you are in luck because I hear they are open since most of the restaurant seating is outdoors. They even have a rooftop bar, though I am not sure if this part is open. Here you get a 360 degree view of downtown LA. I imagine the view is breathtaking at night all lit up. When we visited, pre Covid, the place was packed. It was a young and lively crowd of Los Angelans wanting to be seen. We opted to sit at the indoor bar and have a couple of drinks before our meal. Large and lively crowds are not my thing. I remember the cocktails being good, though I don't recall which ones we had. The meal however, as I mentioned above, was indeed memorable. 

This is the view you will enjoy in their outdoor seating area, LA never looked so prettier. 

We started off with this generous piece of Pork Belly. The pork belly is served with coriander picked apples, frisee and maple sherry vinegar glaze. It was crisp on the outside and luscious on the inside, as pork belly should be. 

 Next, we tried the Wild Mushroom Risotto, which was earthy and creamy and delicious. We also shared the Bacon Mac and Cheese, which as you can see in the photo above, we gobbled up before snapping a pic. It was one of the best mac and cheeses I have had at a restaurant. Made with black truffle béchamel and bacon lardons. 

Chris' entrée was the Filet Mignon Au Poivre  served with a parsnip and potato puree, asparagus and his was topped with some crab, per the suggestion of our waitress. The steak was moist and tender and the asparagus perfectly charred. Now for the most memorable part, my entree, Little Bunny Frou Frou.

I ordered this well, because of the name. Little did I know this was gonna be something I would dream about later. In fact, I want some right now...badly. This is ravioli filled with rabbit meat and served with a sauce that is to die for. Heirloom carrots and a parsnip brioche crumble top it off. I am telling you this was so really really really good. I would like a to go box...right now, please. 

If you are in the LA or surrounding area and want to enjoy an amazing meal outdoors call for a reservation at Perch. 

Pershing Square Downtown LA
448 S. Hill St. 
Los Angeles, CA 90013


Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Restaurant Review: Cowboy Star


Recently Chris and I celebrated a late anniversary at Cowboy Star Restaurant and Butcher Shop in San Diego. It was amazing! 

We started off at the bar where we tried a couple of their signature drinks. I ordered the Rooster Cogburn Spicy Margarita which was pretty good with it's muddled green chilis that gave the right amount of spice to it. After being seated we were  welcomed with an amuse bouche from the chef. 

This little spoon doesn't look like much but I assure you whatever it was it was super tasty. We then ordered appetizers, Pacific Northwest Oysters and Classic Shrimp Cocktail. 


The oysters were especially delectable served with a trio of sauces, the shrimp were nice and plump. 

Chris also ordered the C-Star Caesar Salad which we ended up sharing. Look at that anchovy and the crispy lardons. Both made this Caesar extra yummy.  For our entrees Chris ordered the Filet Mignon. 

It was served alongside a potato puree and sautéed green beans. He had his with some crumbled blue cheese on top. The meat was flavorful and tender but nothing compared to my Hokkaido Wagyu New York.  

This steak is flown in from Japan and aged 23 days. It sells for a high $140 but let me tell you, it is so worth it. It is rich and melts in your mouth like butter. It was served with wagyu fat carrots, a garlic lemon puree, sauce crecy and carrot top oil. I would love to eat this again if my bank account allowed me. 

We ordered a side of the Mac & Cheese but unfortunately did not get to eat it because we were stuffed and had to save room for dessert. How good does this look though? We ended up taking it to go and I forgot that I put it in the hotel fridge. *cry* However, if Crème Brulee makes it to a desert menu I must have some. The Cowboy Star Crème Brulee did not disappoint.  

We had a wonderful time and I was able to enjoy a few other signature cocktails while I dined. I would not suggest The Bravados unless you are a mezcal drinker, I think that was the drink that left me feeling like this the next morning. 

This is my trying to force a smile with a queasy stomach look. 

If you haven't tried Cowboy Star it's the perfect place for a first date or to celebrate with a special someone. Be sure to make a reservation!

640 10th Ave. 
San Diego, CA 92101

Monday, October 19, 2020

Double Cross Vodka Fall Cocktails

 I am always looking for some new cocktail recipes to try out so when I opened up my email and found these fall cocktail recipes using Double Cross Vodka I was intrigued. I have never heard of Double Cross Vodka but love finding out about new drinks to add to my bar collection. Double Cross vodka is a Slovakian vodka made with state grown winter wheat and 100% Tatra mountain spring water. 

You can find it at  your local Total Wine & More store for approximately $24, not a bad price. Now for the recipes...

The 1773

2 oz. Double Cross Vodka
.25 oz. Luxardo Amaro Abano
.75 oz. Earl Gray Tea Syrup
.75 oz. Lemon Juice
1 Egg White

Combine all ingredients and shake with ice. Strain into a coupe glass and garnish with black pepper and a lemon twist. This sounds delicious, and it contains Earl Gray tea syrup! My kind of drink!

The Lakeside

1.5 oz. Double Cross Vodka
1 oz. Dubonnet Blanc
1 oz. Blanc Vermouth
1 Dash Orange Bitters

Combine all ingredients and strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice. Garnish with an orange twist. Enjoy!

I am looking forward to purchasing a bottle of Double Cross and trying out these new cocktails when Chris gets home. You can find some more cocktail recipes here

These recipes are not my own. They are being shared with permission from the PR agency representing Double Cross vodka. All opinions expressed in this review are my own and not influenced in any way by  anyone.