Thursday, November 23, 2023

Taste of Home Special Delivery Subscription Box


If you are a foodie and love kitchen related things than you have to check out out Taste of Home's Special Delivery subscription box. This quarterly subscription box delivers curated cooking products and recipes straight to your door. So far I have received two boxes and have been very pleased with the contents of each box. I am going to share my last box with you, the fall box. 

The fall box was filled with 5 kitchen items, a Budget-Friendly Cookbook and a handful of recipe cards. First of all I love the cookbook you receive in each box, it is always a different theme,  but filled with recipes that look delicious and are easy to make. I am a cookbook collector so I love getting a new cookbook to try out some recipes and to display on my shelf. 

The items that were sent in this box were premium gadgets and multi-purpose tools. Like this Kitchen Innovations 3-In-1 Slotted Turner (center). This spatula flips food, has a silicone edge for scraping on one side and a serrated edge on the other that cuts through foods. It is really convenient and well made. 

The Joie Steamer Basket (right) is a collapsible colander that fits easily into your kitchen drawer. It is made of silicone and the perfect size for straining veggies. 

The Zulay Premium Apple Corer (bottom left) not only cores apples, but you can also use on pears, bell peppers, even cupcakes! It is made of sturdy stainless steel and doubles as a pitter and seed remover. This is a tool I was excited about receiving because it is something I would never think of buying but is great to have on hand. 

The Kitchen Innovations Silicone Lid (top left) can be used as a bowl cover, a splatter guard, a saucepan lid and for reheating in the microwave. It has a functional raised handle but takes up little space in your drawer. 

The Honey Dipper & Spreader (center) I thought was so cute. It is s small spoon perfect for dipping, drizzling and spreading honey. Made out of beechwood, it can also be used for glazing and icing. 

The Zulay Parchment Sheets (left) are small parchment squares perfect for baking cookies, wrapping homemade treats and as liners. I have a burger press and these are perfect for separating burgers and making sure they don't stick in the press. 

I love receiving surprises in the mail especially when they are things I will definitely use. You can currently get your first Special Delivery box on sale for only $29.95 plus Free Shipping. You can purchase just one box or sign up for the quarterly subscription where you will receive a box each season. I am currently anticipating my winter box. 

Go check it out!

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