Monday, January 9, 2017

Restaurant Review- Miso Harney Sushi

While "staycation-ing" in Old Town my husband and I stopped into Harney Sushi for lunch. It was a weekday and they had just opened so it was pretty much empty except for another table. Immediately upon walking in you get a laid back So Cal kinda vibe. Soundgarden was playing loudly through the speakers and the tattooed guys working looked like they were just hanging out having a good time. That being said everyone was also very attentive to us and by the look of the menu this place is more then just a cool place to hang. They stay open till 12am by the way!

I had a hard time deciding what to order because everything looked so good. Aside from the typical Japanese fare you find in all sushi restaurants, this place also had some unique dishes I have never seen before. We ordered the edamame and miso soup to start off, but these were no ordinary steamed soybeans and clear broth.

The Sesame Bacon Bonito Edamame was delicious. Aside from the traditional salted edamame, they also have two other unique recipes to go along with the Sesame Bacon Bonito. They have Garlic Manchego and Soy Truffle edamame as well. You can try one bowl of your flavor choice for $5.00 or try all four for $12.00. I wish we would have done this because the Garlic Manchego sounds yummy.

The Polenta Fried Onion Miso Soup has got to be one of my new favorite soups. It was creamy, buttery, salty and just plain amazing. I am drooling just thinking about this soup. They also have a Gyoza Miso Soup and a Seafood Miso Soup that I imagine are also pretty tasty.

We then decided to order two sushi rolls. I picked the Pirate Roll while my husband who was feeling the effects of our tequila tasting the night before decided on the fish free Hippie Roll.

The Pirate Roll started as a spicy tuna toll and then topped with shrimp, avocado and Swashbuckler Sauce. The Swashbuckler Sauce is a combination of spicy tuna, spicy mayo, chopped jalapeno and masago. All of this was plated on top of a faux-nagi sauce rayu. This roll was fresh, flavorful and just a bit spicy.

The Hippie Roll was surprisingly good, I like my meat and seafood but this vegetarian roll is one I would definitely order again. Tempura sweet potato, shitake mushroom, avocado and cucumber all topped with tempura crunchies. Yum!

We thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and the food at this sushi joint and will be returning. There are so many things on the menu I need to try. Like the Candied Albacore (albacore sashimi, avocado, sriracha, negi, sesame seeds, minced ginger) and the Sweet Potato Frites with vanilla salt and roasted garlic aioli. They also have a second location in Oceanside, California.

Miso Harney Sushi
3964 Harney Street
San Diego, CA 92110

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