Monday, January 9, 2017

Restaurant Review- Sushiya

We stopped in to Sushiya for lunch on a Saturday. They have four locations around southern California, this particular location was located in the Otay Ranch Town Center. The place was not very busy and yet it seemed they were rather slow in bringing us our food. I don't know if this is typical of this place or not. The menu consists of your usual Japanese fare, tempura, teriyaki, sashimi, traditional sushi rolls and some specialty rolls. We ordered the Ikura Nigiri, my daughters favorite.

A basic California roll for her as well and a specialty roll called the El Fuego.

El Fuego means the fire in Spanish so I expected it to be a lot more spicy then it actually was. This is spicy for people that can't do spicy. It was basically a California roll with Tobiko added to it, topped with tuna, a jalapeno slice and then doused in their "el fuego" sauce. It was tasty but lacked the heat I was looking for. We also ordered off their specials menu because I can never resist some Toro and the Tuna Tataki sounded delicious.

The Toro was displayed in a martini glass. It consisted of five slices of yummy fatty tuna belly for $25. The Tuna Tataki was six slices of ahi tuna with just a tinge of a sear and served with a citrus-y sauce. It was also very tasty.

We left Sushiya feeling satisfied and full but it wasn't one of my favorites and I probably won't be going back there.

2015 Birch Rd. #1603
San Diego, CA 91915

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