Monday, January 9, 2017

Restaurant Review- Dogy's Hotdogs N More

I am a hotdog person, I love a good hotdog. My husband and I always talk about opening up a hotdog shop. I even have an entire menu in my head with hotdogs topped with everything under the sun. One day I decided to google a hotdog shop here in Temecula and came across a yelp listing for a place called Dogy's Hotdogs N More. After looking through all the customer photos and reading their reviews I knew I had to see what all the fuss was about. A few weeks ago I suggested Dogy's for lunch and my husband who is also a hotdog person, was also eager to try it. Dogy's is hidden in a little shopping/business center. It's one of those places that you either find out about word of mouth or by accidentally seeing it while out running another errand. When we walked in we were the only ones in the entire place besides one man that was behind the counter that looked to be running the entire operation. He immediately greeted us and asked us if we had ever been to Dogy's before. Our answer being no, he then proceeded to explain the concept. Sonoran style hotdogs. Sonora is located in the country of Mexico, it shares a border with Arizona and New Mexico. Traditional Sonoran hotdogs are wrapped in bacon and topped with beans, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, mustard and salsa. Dogy's menu offers these bacon wrapped hotdogs with slight variations. They really only have a few items on their menu but we were told that you can customize your dog anyway you want. This explains all the variations of hotdogs on Yelp that I did not find on the menu.

I decided to order the Super Dog which I am told is one of their most popular items. A bacon wrapped hotdog covered in guacamole, your choice of pinto or black beans, chopped tomato and onions, mayo, mustard and ketchup and if that isn't enough there was also a piece of fried ham tucked in there somewhere. The buns are made fresh daily and they are super soft and big. This hotdog was tasty, the combination of toppings along with the bacon wrapped weenie works.

Chris ordered the California Dog, chili and cheese sauce topped with slices of avocado, he also added jalapenos. He really enjoyed it.

And because these ginormous hotdogs were not enough we also ordered the Borracho (drunk) Fries. It was actually more out of curiosity that we ordered these fries topped with chili, cheese sauce, sliced bacon wrapped weenie and guacamole. We devoured these. Chris said they were the best fries he has ever eaten.

We left Dogy's with stuffed tummies already talking about what we were going to order the next time around.

Dogy's Hotdogs N More
41413 Margarita Rd.
STE K 102
Temecula, CA 92591

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