Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Monte Cristo

Once upon a time ago I lived in Dallas, Texas. Texas has many chain restaurants I remember frequenting, and enjoying, that are not found in California. Some that come to mind are Pappadeaux or Razzoo's for the yummy Cajun food, Abuelos for some TexMex, Saltgrass for a steak, Ruby Tuesday if you want to enjoy a salad and a piece of low carb cheesecake, Schlotsky's for a tasty sandwich on a bun and of course Whataburger for some fast food. Another restaurant I remember visiting often in my 20's is Bennigan's,  mostly for the late night mixed drinks but also for their Monte Cristo. The Monte Cristo is one of those sandwiches that you are not sure about until you've tried one, and if you have tried Bennigan's Monte Cristo you know what I mean. Here is my version of a Bennigans's Monte Cristo, as far as I remember...

Monte Cristo (this recipe is for one sandwich)

3 Slices bread, white or wheat will do just make sure it's not too soft 

A couple of slices of thin turkey breast lunch meat

A couple slices of thin ham lunch meat

1 Slice of white American cheese

1 Slice Swiss cheese

Tempura batter, enough for coating each sandwich

Powdered sugar

Raspberry preserves 

Oil for frying

Assemble the sandwich by putting the turkey and Swiss on one piece of bread and the ham and American on the other. Put the third slice of bread in between creating a triple decker sandwich. Cut the sandwich in half and then dip each half into the tempura batter. Dry in hot oil until brown and crispy. Serve dusted with powdered sugar and raspberry preserves on the side. Let me know what y'all think. 

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