Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cave Tools Burger Press Review

Cave Tools offers barbecue and cooking tools for all the home cooks out there looking for quality at value prices. I own several of their products including their Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer, which I use all the time, their Meat Tenderizer Mallet, one of my faves, and their Shish Kabob Barbecue Skewers, that are so much nicer than wooden skewers. Recently I was sent another one of their products to add to my growing collection, their Burger Press Patty Maker.

I don't know about you but whenever I make burgers I form them by hand, they look perfect...at first, and then something happens when I start to cook them. They shrink up into small little pucks that are nowhere near photo worthy. I was excited to give this Burger Press a try and see if it would make my burgers worthy of an Instagram post. My husband was also excited to try this out and finally have an adult sized burger.

Cave Tools Burger Press Patty Maker comes with 200 square burger papers which makes removing and separating your patties a breeze, plus they eliminate the mess making cleanup so easy. It also comes with 25 downloadable barbecue recipes to impress at your next cookout. It is super easy to use, you simply season your meat, put one square of paper on the bottom of the press, and fill with the desired amount of meat. It has a convenient indicator line for 1/4 pound burgers or fill it entirely for one big 1/3 pound burger.

You then place another paper on top, grab the comfortable handle on the press and push down to form your patties. We made both sizes to compare.

A couple things I love about this burger press besides how simple it is. I love that it leaves grill marks in the meat so even if you cook your burgers on the stovetop instead of firing up your grill they still look really pretty. I also love that you can just toss it into the dishwasher to clean, I am all about making time in the kitchen easy and fun! And, because this burger press will make perfectly formed burgers every time there is no more arguing at your next backyard barbecue over who is going to get the bigger burger!

Take a look at last nights dinner!

Tell me this burger is not photo worthy!

You can get this Burger Press Patty Maker  and other Cave Tools online. Use the code BURGER15 for 15% off!

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