Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Wongz Donutz

While I am generally not a big fan of donuts, I am a fan of trying new places that I keep hearing about. Over the last few months I kept hearing about and seeing photos of Wongz Donutz and they're gourmet doughnuts. While I was out running errands one morning I just so happened to drive by this infamous donut shop. Much to my surprise it is located very close to my home, on the border of French Valley and Murrieta California. Like most donut shops, Wongz Donutz opens up early in the morning and closes at noon, or whenever they sell out. I had heard rumors that you had to arrive pretty early to get your hands on these donuts, however it was around 9:30 am when I decided to venture on into this shop and they still had plenty of donuts available.

Wongz Donutz is a owned by a husband and wife and I love supporting small businesses. Each of their donuts are freshly baked throughout the day and handcrafted with love. They are larger then your typical donut shop donuts. I mean take a look at their Wongasada, Wongz version of the donut hole. They are also generously filled and topped and their selection changes monthly.

Although it was hard not to buy one of each donut, we finally settled on these. An Apple Fritter, Lemon Zest, Maple Bacon, M&M and Creme Brulee. Like I said I am typically not a big fan of sweets, let alone donuts, but Creme Brulee happens to be my most favorite dessert. Needless to say the Creme Brulee donut was mine! I had a bite of the Apple Fritter and I was surprised that it was packed with tart apples. I have had bites of apple fritters in the past and they generally do not contain much apple. This one however contains some apple in every bite. I also had a nibble of the Lemon Zest. I expected it to be a little more tart but I found it too sweet for my liking. Chris however devoured it. Now for the Creme Brulee donut, well, I ate the whole thing. My favorite part, the burnt sugar on top of course! I did not try the the other two donuts but I heard they were pretty delicious as well.

So if you are a fan of donuts head on over to Wongz and try one or more of their dough-y creations.

Wongz Donutz
30628 Benton Rd.
Suite B 204
French Valley, CA 92596

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