Thursday, November 19, 2020

PigWizard PorkCorn Review

 Who likes pork rinds? I do! Who likes PorkCorn? Me! What is PorkCorn you ask? PorkCorn is like caramel popcorn but air-fried and made with pork rinds instead. What?! No really, PigWizard, a sandwich shop in Monterey California makes these tasty creations, and now you can order them online. 

I was sent two bags for review, Sweet Heat Caramel PorkCorn and Beer Bacon Caramel PorkCorn, but they also have a Thai Tea flavor that sounds really interesting. Let me tell you, I wasn't sure what to expect when I got these, but they are really good. They really do remind you of caramel corn but with a pork-y flavor to them. They are crunchy, flavorful and addictive. The Sweet Heat have a sweet orange flavored caramel taste at first that finishes with a heat from crushed red chilis. Not too spicy, but an explosion of flavor. It's kinda hard to explain you just gotta try them for yourself. Unfortunatly, Chris got his hands on the Beer Bacon ones and devoured them before I even got a chance to try one. He said they were delicious and wants me to order more. I hear they are also working on 2 more flavors for the holidays Mocha and Maple Ginger!

I was also going over the PigWizard restaurant menu they sent along with my PorkCorn and now want to make the drive to Monterey. This place looks good! They have a variety of homemade sausages and sandwiches that sound amazing. Like the Porchetta Sandwich with pork loin and pork belly that has been stuffed with fresh rosemary and garlic and roasted until crisp. The sandwich is served hot with lettuce tomato, red onion, chimichurri and lemon garlic aioli. All on a toasted ciabatta roll. Yum! How about the Manchego Artichoke Chicken Sausage made with chicken, Spanish Manchego cheese, Castroville artichokes, thyme, garlic, white pepper and chardonnay. This you can also make into a sandwich with your choice of "vessel", "slop", and fresh toppings. 

If you are in driving distance of Monterey, CA stop by and let me know how it is. If you are not you can always order some PorkCorn to be shipped to your home here. PigWizard is located at 32 Cannery Row Suite G Monterey, CA 93940 Be sure to check them out on Instagram @pigwizardporknmore 

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