Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Bokksu Subscription Box Review

This post is a bit overdue but back in September my sister gifted me with a three month subscription to Bokksu for my birthday. What is Bokksu? It is a subscription box (I love subscription boxes, who doesn't love getting things in the mail?!) from Japan (my dream vacation spot) filled with Japanese snacks (I love all things Japanese and snacks!). They have two different subscription boxes a large Classic box and a Tasting  box. I received the tasting box. Bokksu's Tasting box is filled with 10-14 Japanese snacks and candies as well as a tea pairing all curated around a theme. The first box I received that I am sharing with you today was the Kyushu Kitchen box. Kyushu is the third largest island in Japan and this box was filled with items inspired and containing popular ingredients found in Kyushu.

The items in the tasting box were individual/sample sized items which in my opinion is a good thing. It is a great way to try new things without committing to a full size box if it's something you do not like. If you do find something you like in the box, Bokksu has an online market where you can purchase more of the item. Here are some a few of the things I enjoyed coming out of this box.

This Romance Sandwich is a cake-like biscuit flavored with honey and baked with sugar pearls on top. It also has a thin layer of sugar paste inside. These are commonly given as a omiyage or souvenir. This was tasty!

This Strawberry Kirara is a strawberry flavored cookie sandwich filled with strawberry cream. It also contains bits of freeze dried strawberries in it. Amaou or strawberries are known in Japan as the "king of sweet" and are highly valued throughout Japan. Yum!

These Mantai Curry Karinto are a traditional fried dough snack popular throughout Japan. They remind me of fried chow mein noodles. These are coated with a sweet mentai curry flavored sauce. Mentaiko is a spicy cod roe and gives this snack the perfect amount of spice to sweet. They are kinda addictive.

Kakinotane is a popular snack mix of peanuts and crescent shaped senbei or rice crackers. Typically enjoyed with beer. The yuzu pepper in this kakinotane gives a hint of spice and a tinge of citrus.

This Saga Brown Sugar Marubouro is a combination cake/cookie. It has a 300 year long history in Japan and since it is pretty good I can see why.

These Uni Rice Crackers are seasoned with uni or sea urchin and soy sauce. They are salty and not overly fishy. The crackers are also made in this oblong shape to reassemble a sea urchin.

I also love that each box comes with a different variety of tea that is supposed to compliment the treats in the box. The particular tea that was inside the box was Okurishima yea. Using the finest Sencha leaves in Kirishima, this tea has subtle sweet notes while being full bodied.

Since Bokksu is shipped directly from Japan we did have a couple of snags with shipping, however at one point I received an extra box then what was paid for and Bokksu allowed me to keep it at no charge. If you are interested in sampling some Japanese edibles take a look at Bokksu  and their subscription options. Tanoshi!

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