Monday, January 9, 2017

Restaurant Review- Fire-Fish Sushi and More

After reading all the positive yelp reviews on Fire-Fish I was dying to give it a try. It just so happens to be located in the same strip mall as the theatre and record shop that Chris and I frequently visit, so after making him take me to watch Pride and Prejudice Zombies, I also made him take me to Fire-Fish.

I was very pleased with the interior, it was clean and modern and we were promptly greeted and seated. When I opened up the menu I was overwhelmed but excited about all the choices. There was so much I wanted to try and it was hard to decide. I quickly spotted the Shishito Peppers on the menu and since I had been wanting to try these since they seem to be all the rage lately we ordered some. While we waited for them to arrive our waitress brought us two piping hot bowls of miso soup. Miso soup is complimentary here which I have seen at very few Japanese restaurants lately. A long, long, time ago in another life when I lived in San Francisco, I remember this being a give in at pretty much every Japanese place.

Our peppers quickly followed the soup. These were charred and blistered and seasoned with what I believe to be soy sauce and Togarashi ( Japanese chili pepper seasoning), I may be wrong. They also had a pile of bonito flakes on top. Chris not being familiar with bonito flakes was caught off guard by their "alive" appearance. I assured him it was just the steam in the dish causing the fish flakes to dance. Some where spicier then others and these were a tasty snack. We commented that they would make a nice snack with a glass of beer but Chris' pineapple sake also worked. Fire-Fish has a few different flavor infused sake's, the pineapple one we ordered was refreshing and not too sweet.

Chris ordered one of their specialty rolls and I am kicking myself because I can't for the life of me remember what this was called. I do remember it being very yummy though, with a heaping pile of spicy tuna on top and tempura battered nori.

I ordered the Japanese Nachos, crispy wonton skins topped with spicy tuna a chopped salsa and drizzled with sauces. Yum!

We will definitely be going back to Fire-Fish because I must to try their Jalapeno Yellow Tail SashimiSpicy Tuna with Crispy Rice and their Kamikaze appetizer which is a lightly fried spicy tuna wrapped in Shiso leaves as well as a few of other delicious sounding menu items. Their Happy Hour is Monday-Friday from 3pm-5pm. Oh and by the way Price and Prejudice Zombies was pretty awesome as well.

Fire-Fish Sushi and More
27507 Ynez Rd. Ste B
Temecula, CA 92591

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